Form W-4

W-4s claiming "exempt" status expire February 15th each year. New exempt W-4s are due by February 1st in order to be processed by the Friday 15th Payroll expiration date.

On-line Form W-4 Available via insideND

  • Payroll Services has on-line functionality for the W-4 tax form to allow you to view and update your federal and state allowances, additional withholding, filing status and exemption status electronically through inside ND and click on the IRS Tax Withholding Elections icon. State/County Tax Withholding updates are currently available for Indiana (WH-4) and Michigan (MI-W4) residents only. Residents of other states will continue to use paper forms, available at


  • Tax information online is intended to be a substitute for the paper form, and as such, it includes/collects the same data. Please verify all your elections on the on-line form are correct before submitting.