Financial Information

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Account Reporting / Inquiry Tools

GLez - is an on-line look-up tool to view financial information in the General Ledger. It is intended to provide easy access to financial information by offering a single source for account information (i.e. remaining balance, budget to actual expenditures,  revenue/expense year-to-date, prior year information).

If you are new to GLez or just need a little refresher, training sessions are available, please register via eNDeavor.

For questions on GLez, call the GLez Help Line at 631-8000 or email

Who should have access? If you have financial operational responsibilities, the administrator of a restricted fund, or the recipient of grant (award) money awarded to the University by an external source, GLez makes it easy to view on-line financial information.To obtain access to GLez, complete the on-line request form  Glez/buyND Data Access Request Form  

In addition to GLez, several web-based financial inquiry tools are available to access Banner Financial information.

Self-Service Finance available via insideND

  • Budget Status by Account-View budget information from the account level, drilling down through the transaction detail to all of the accounting sequences for a specific document. 
  • Budget Status by Organizational Hierarchy-is better suited for those high level queries that provide a quick look at your organization overall, by college, or by department. The organization (org) cannot be a wildcard when using this query. You must know your org or your hierarchy org to use this query. You can query for the organizations you have access to by clicking on the “Organization” box in the query screen. Click on the “Execute Query” box to retrieve the organizations then click on the org you would like to query. REMEMBER you can use all levels of the org hierarchy that you have available.
  • Budget Quick Query-provides budget information by account and is similar to Budget Status by Account query. Data is summarized at the account level, but no drill down functionality is available with this query.
  • Payroll Expense Detail Report-allows certain users to review payroll transactions for specific budget units. Note: This query is only available to authorized users who have proper security authorization to review payroll information
  • .Vendor Query - view vendor payment or individual reimbursement detail (i.e.invoice date, amount, description, PO) for specific or all funds you manage. For vendor payments enter the vendor name or partial name to find the vendor in the database.  For individual, enter their Notre Dame netid in the Vendor ID field to retrieve expense reimbursement information.
  • Encumbrance Query -   view encumbrance information by account for specified FOAP parameters (Fund, Organization, Account, Program). You can enter any or all values for these parameters as long as you populate either the Organization or Grant field before submitting a query.
  • Payroll Query - view payroll detail by netID,  employee class, or FOAP.  Note: This query is only available to authorized users who have proper security authorization to review payroll information.
  • View Document - enables you to view information about a document (requisition, purchase order, invoice, journal voucher, encumbrance, or direct cash receipt). 

For more complex reporting needs, Tableau or Business Objects may be required.

Finance Fundamentals

Need-to-know basics for all financial activities: Chart of Accounts, Fund Management, Month-End/Year-End close schedule. Accounting and Financial Services Staff Directory , Policies,  and Account Administration Forms.