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UltraTime is the University's automated time and attendance tracking system for all hourly non-exempt employees, including students. Hours may be recorded using a time clock where the employee/student taps their University-issued ID card on the time clock or via WebTime, where the employee enters their hours online. The method of time keeping varies by department and it is up to each department to inform their employees and students how to record their hours.

UltraTime Forms

Use this link  to access the UltraTime Non-Exempt Payroll Adjust Form, Supervisor Request for Authorization Form, Employee Add/Change Form and Blank Time Sheet.

For additional information or to report UltraTime system issues, please email ultratime@nd.edu  or call Payroll Services at 631-7575.


Timeline and Reminders

2019 Bi-Weekly Payroll Schedule -Provides a complete calendar of dates and deadlines.  The bi-weekly pay date is scheduled every other Friday for the prior two week pay period.

Biweekly Calendar











Reminders will go out to employees and supervisors on the following schedule:

Employee Thursday morning    An email reminder that pay period ends on Friday and to record all hours worked.
Supervisor Friday midnight     An email reminder that the pay period has ended and to confirm all hours worked or approve pending absences for Employees.
Supervisor Monday morning    An email reminder of anyone that still shows unconfirmed hours or pending absences, along with their name and dates needing confirmation or approval.
Supervisor + Backup Supervisor  Monday afternoon An email reminder that there are still pending hours or absences and to ask for the assistance of the backup to get the hours confirmed.
Supervisor + Backup Supervisor   Tuesday morning A phone call reminder to supervisors and backups requesting pending hours or absences be urgently confirmed. NOTE: If you get a phone call on Tuesday morning, the payroll process is being held up for your approvals. Please respond immediately!

Time Clock Locations & Grace Period