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is a general ledger on-line look-up tool that can be accessed via insideND. GLez provides easy access to financial information by offering a single source for all account information. 


New GLez  - Live July 15th

As you may have heard, GLez is going through a transformation this year. GLez is a Notre Dame, homegrown financial tool that campus has relied on to meet a variety of financial reporting needs. While it has served campus well over the years, we now have the opportunity to improve it.

For more information, go to the GLez Project website

GLez requires connecting to the VPN when off campus. Please connect to the VPN before accessing GLez.

Download the VPN client here


If you are new to GLez or just need a little refresher, training sessions are available, please register via eNDeavor.

For questions on GLez, call the GLez Help Line at 631-8000 or email

Who should have access? If you have budget management responsibilities, the administrator of a restricted fund, or the recipient of grant (award) money awarded to the University by an external source, GLez makes it easy to view on-line financial information.

To obtain access to GLez, complete the on-line request form  Glez/buyND Data Access Request Form