Intro to Finance

Are you new to the university or just getting started with GLez, Banner or other finance related systems? Our goal is to provide just-in-time end user training with procedures and training materials that suit your needs.  We recommend that you sequence your training to gain a basic understanding of the systems and then build your knowledge base with instructor led classes. After you have viewed the videos below, you'll be ready to take many other training courses offered by the Finance Division.  Register for instructor led classes that are applicable to your job responsibilities in Endeavor.

  • Take the Finance On-Demand Introductory Training courses below: Banner Overview, What is a FOAPAL, and Financial Tools Overview before you begin to use GLez, Banner, Financial Compass, PI Portal, dataND or buyND. 
  • Review Quick Reference Guides that cover common business processes (Journal Voucher, Payment Requests, LDC) and  What Tool is Right For Me? (matrix of the top five finance products).
  • Access to Finance Job Aids which includes Banner Account Codes (most commonly used) and Banner Document Codes.
  • Reference materials describing additional finance tools and what they are used for, how to obtain access and the primary user group.

Course 1:  Banner Overview (6 mins)

Course 2: What is a FOAPAL? (8 mins)

Course 3:  Financial Tools Overview (7 mins)

Quick Reference Guides 

Financial Tools Product Matrix              What Finance Tool is Right For Me? (PDF)            

Product Matrix allows campus customers to align business questions and activities with the appropriate financial tool.

Financial Toolkit, GLez, Financial Compass,  PI Portal and DataND

Financial Toolkit (FTK)    

Journal Voucher  (PDF)   

JV Upload Template (CSV)

Instructions on how to submit a journal voucher when transferring funds from one fund to another, charging a university department for a service rendered, or correcting a transaction that has an incorrect FOAPAL.

  Payment Request - Business (PDF)                                        

Instructions on how to complete a payment request to a vendor for goods or services

  Payment Request - Individual  (PDF)

Instructions on how to complete a payment request to a non-employee for services

  Deposit  (PDF)

Instructions on how to process a check or cash deposit to the bank

  Labor Distribution Change (LDC) (PDF)

Instructions on how to change the allocation to which labor dollars are charged

Finance Job Aids Banner Document Codes (PDF)

List of Banner document codes and contact information for JV or Invoices source documentation

  Banner Account Codes (PDF)

List of commonly used Banner expense (labor and non-labor), revenue, and transfer account codes


Additional Finance Tools Qrg


  For additional training requests or questions, email