Month/Year-End Close Schedule

Fiscal 2018 Month-end Close Schedule

Click here for a pdf version of the FY18 month-end close schedule.

General Rules

  • Monthly close dates fall on the 8th of the month, or if that is a weekend or holiday, the prior business day.
  • Updated data in GLez is available the morning following the close.
  • A note will be placed on announcement channel when a particular close is complete.

*An exception to the General Rule will occur for the August, October, January, and April close.

Fiscal Year 2018 Month-End Close Schedule

  Month Close Date
July August 8
August September 8
September    October 6
October November 8
November December 8
December January 10*
January February 8
February March 8
March April 10*
April May 8
May June 8
June TBD