UltraTime Educational Materials

Login for Dual Users - Hourly Employee & Supervisor

Those who are both an approving supervisor and an hourly employee, you will be able to toggle between the two profiles without having to close out of the application.

Single Login for Dual User Instructions (PDF)

Employee Quick Reference Guides


Clearing Cache Instructions (PDF)

Time Entry

Entering Worked Hours (Video - 3.5 minutes)

STUDENTS -  Entering Worked Hours (Video - 1.46 minutes)

Employee Features & Functions (PDF)

Time Entry Instructions (PDF)

Time Clock Instructions (PDF)


Enter and Edit Time Off (Video - 2.5 minutes)

Request and Edit Future Time Off (Video - 2 minutes)

Recording Time Off (PDF)

Requesting Future Time Off (PDF)

Supervisor Quick Reference Guides


*New* UltraTime User Guide for Supervisors  (PDF)

Single Login for Dual Users (Both Employee & Supervisor) (PDF)

Supervisor Features & Functions (PDF)

UltraTime Hours/Earning Codes (PDF)

Clearing Cache Instructions (PDF)

Proxy Supervisor Sign On (PDF)

UltraView Three Week View (PDF)

Worked Hours

Confirming Worked Hours (Video - 1.25 minutes)

Adding Worked Hours for an Employee  (Video - 1 minute)

Employee Time Record In UltraView (PDF)

Reviewing Hours In UltraView (PDF)

Confirming Hours In UltraView  (PDF)

Adding Hours For An Employee (PDF)

Schedules Tab (PDF)


Adding employee Absence/Time Off (Video - 1.5 minutes)

Approving Employee Absences/Time Off  (Video - 2.25 minutes)

Absences Tab In UltraView (PDF)

Editing Employee Time Off (PDF)

Adding Employee Time Off (PDF)


Common Management Reports (PDF)

Attendance Summary Report For Worked Hours And Absences (PDF)

Scheduled Absence Report For Identifying Employee Absences (PDF)

Special Request Training

Payroll Services provides special request training options for UltraTime. These include:

  • One-on-one or small group instruction
  • Departmental instruction for groups of supervisors and/or employees
  • Advanced training for UltraTime department admins

To schedule special request training, email ultratime@nd.edu.