UltraTime is the University's automated time and attendance tracking system for all hourly non-exempt employees, including students.

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Timeline and Reminders

Please see the 2024 Bi-Weekly Payroll Schedule for a complete schedule of dates and deadlines. The bi-weekly pay date is scheduled every other Friday for the prior two-week pay period.

Biweekly Calendar

Employee Classification Reminder Dates Reminders that will go out to employees and supervisors:
Employee Thursday morning An email reminder that the pay period ends on Friday and to record all hours worked.
Employee Friday midnight The pay period ends on Friday at midnight. All hours should be entered to allow your supervisor to confirm them.
Employee Monday morning Employees will be locked out from entering or editing time from the past pay period around 8:30 am Monday. Your supervisor may choose to lock this sooner. After the system is locked, only your supervisor may make edits to your time or absences.
Supervisor Friday noon Depending on your department, most supervisors will receive an email reminder that the pay period is ending and to confirm all worked hours and approve pending absences for your employees.
Supervisor Monday morning An email reminder is sent only to supervisors who still show unconfirmed hours or pending absences, along with the employee's name and dates that need approval. Note: If you receive this reminder, there is something that is still outstanding.
Supervisor + Backup Supervisor Monday afternoon If the confirmations are still outstanding, another email reminder is sent to the supervisor and their backup approvers asking for assistance with the confirmations.
Supervisor + Backup Supervisor Tuesday morning A phone call reminder to supervisors and backups is made requesting that pending hours or absences be urgently confirmed. Important: If you get a phone call from Payroll Services on Tuesday morning, please respond immediately.