UltraTime Educational Materials

Explore our collection of UltraTime guides and resources to simplify your experience:

UltraTime Login

Learn how to login to UltraTime and switch between supervisor and hourly employee roles within the same session:

Employee Quick Reference Guides & Videos

Access detailed guides and instructional videos designed for employees using UltraTime.


Find out how to clear your browser cache to ensure UltraTime functions smoothly and efficiently:

Time Entry

Explore video tutorials and documents detailing the process for accurately recording work hours in UltraTime:


Utilize these resources to learn how to properly record absences and future time off:

Supervisor Quick Reference Guides and Videos

Explore your supervisory resources tailored for managing employee time on UltraTime.


Discover essential documents and guides that provide supervisors with the tools needed to effectively manage their employees in UltraTime:

Worked Hours

Gain insight into the verification and adjustment of worked hours through these specific guides and videos designed for supervisors:


Review procedures and guides that help supervisors handle employee absence requests and maintain accurate time off records:


Learn how to set up and manage employee schedules efficiently using UltraTime's scheduling resources:


Explore guides on generating various management reports that help analyze employee attendance and scheduling trends:

Special Training Requests

Payroll Services provides special request training options for UltraTime. These include:

  • One-on-one or small group instruction
  • Departmental instruction for groups of supervisors and/or employees
  • Advanced training for UltraTime department admins

To schedule special request training, email our UltraTime team.

UltraTime Monthly Newsletters

In a series of newsletters, we explored different aspects of UltraTime and how to best utilize it for your needs. Review our newsletter's table of contents to explore articles, find quick tips, and see the latest UltraTime announcements.

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