Payroll FAQ

Please navigate through the sections below for common questions and detailed information on payroll:

Online Pay Statements

Is my pay information available online?

Electronic delivery of confidential pay information is more secure, cost effective, and environmentally friendly than using paper pay statements. The HR/Payroll System provides secure access to your pay information, as well as to links related to your employment at Notre Dame, from any web enabled computer.

How do I find out my pay information?

All employees have Pay Statements available online. To access online Pay Statements, log into InsideND with your NetID and password. Search for and click the Pay Statement Task. Hourly employees will be provided paper pay statements in addition to having access to their online earnings statements. This is necessary because not all hourly employees have access to computers during work hours.

Review Online Pay Statement Instructions

When will I be able to see the current pay period statement?

Your online Pay Statements will be available on your scheduled pay date. In many cases, the online pay statement may be available a couple of days before the actual pay date, although the funds will not be in your account and available for spending until the actual pay date.

Will I receive an email notification that my pay statement has been posted online?

No, there will not be an email notification when Pay Statements are posted online.

Can I get my online Pay Statement at a computer other than my work computer?

Yes, in addition to a work or home computer, there are multiple computer and printers available for anyone with a Notre Dame NetID.

See Campus Computer and Printer Locations

Can I view my online Pay Statement on either a Mac or a PC?

Yes, you can view your online Pay Statement on both Mac and PC.

Does it matter which internet browser I use to access my online Pay Statement?

The supported browsers for the online oay statements are:

  • Windows: Internet Explorer & Firefox & Chrome
  • Mac: Safari & Firefox
When I try to login to InsideND to see my online Pay Statement, it asks for my NetID and password. I don’t know one or the other or both. How do I get one? How do I access this information?

In order to view the information on InsideND, you need your University NetID and password. If you do not know your NetID and password, please email OIT Help Desk or call 574-631-8111.

I can login, but when I click on Pay Statement, nothing happens.

If you are a new employee you will not see any pay information until your first paycheck has been generated. If you are not a new employee, this could mean your access or security is not correct. In this case, please email OIT Help Desk or call 574-631-8111.

What information does the online Pay Statement include?

Your Pay Statement shows your gross FICA or Medicare wages, taxable wages, deductions (including all taxes), and net wages. Current year-to-date totals will appear on all Pay Statements for the current pay year.

Who do I contact if I have questions about my online Pay Statement?

You may contact Payroll Services regarding your Pay Statement at email Payroll Services or call 574-631-7575.

What do I do if my pay, deductions, or vacation or leave balances seem incorrect?

For questions about pay and payroll deductions (non-insurance or benefit deductions), email Payroll Services or 574-631-7575. You may also contact your payroll’s coordinator. For a list of the payroll coordinators, visit our People page.

I received additional pay this pay period. Can I see it online?

Yes, all payments are viewable online.

Can I view Pay Statements from prior pay periods?

Yes. You will see a listing of your Pay Statements from July 2006 to the most recent. You can click on any of these links to view and/or print the Pay Statement of your choice. If your hire date was after July 2006, you’ll see each Pay Statement back to your hire date.

How do I print my online Pay Statement?

Once you click on the Pay Statement Task, you will be directed to the Employee Dashboard. Click on the All Pay Stubs link and use the dropdown to select the Pay Year for which to view your pay stubs. Click on the underlined Pay Date to view the Pay Stub for the desired pay period of adjustment. If you wish to print your pay stub, click on printer friendly in the upper left corner of the screen. From the printer friendly view, either right click or select print from your browser.

I need printed copies of my last three pay statements for a mortgage/refinance/rental application. How do I request copies?

Lenders who request Pay Statements to verify employment will accept printed copies of your online Pay Statements. Notre Dame’s reference as the employer is clearly indicated on the printed online Pay Statement.

I need employment verification for a mortgage/refinance/rental application. How do I request this?

Your employment at Notre Dame can also be verified through The Work Number. The Work Number service is used when you apply for a loan, need a reference check, lease an apartment or any other instance where proof of employment or income is needed.

Is the Employee Self Service site secure? How can I be sure someone else cannot see my online pay statement?

The HR/Payroll System application is secured by Notre Dame’s network and security as with all applications. You can personally safeguard your information by keeping your password confidential. To ensure that your personal information and the University's confidential information remain secure, YOU must ensure that your computer stays secure. See OIT's Security information regarding additional security safeguards.

Additionally, when you have completed viewing your online pay statement, exit/close your browser.

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Direct Deposit

Can I elect direct deposit to a savings account?

Direct deposit is offered to savings or checking accounts. Go to

See Direct Deposit Instructions

Can I set up more than one bank account for direct deposit?

The payroll system is set up to accept only one direct deposit account. If you’d like to automatically transfer funds to your other financial accounts, contact your financial institution who may be able to make such arrangements for you.

See Direct Deposit Instructions

When will my new direct deposit information go into effect?

Any new direct deposit entries or direct deposit changes must be entered at least six business days in advance of the actual pay date in order for the deposit to that bank account to be guaranteed.

I closed my bank account, but did not update my direct deposit information in InsideND. Now I have not received my last payment. What do I do?

Payroll Services receives notification from financial institutions of a rejected direct deposit 1-3 business days after the deposit is sent. After receiving this notification, Payroll will reach out to you to remind you to update your direct deposit allocation. Please note that you will need to have a new, active direct deposit set up before Payroll can release the paper check.

See Direct Deposit Instructions

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How is my overtime compensation calculated?

How is my overtime compensation calculated?

Overtime is paid at the rate of one and one-half (1 ½) times an employee’s regular rate of pay for all hours worked in excess of forty (40) hours in a standard work week. “Hours worked” refers to the amount of time actually worked in a standard work week. Paid time off for sick leave, vacation, or holidays is not included in hours worked for the determination of overtime.

Overtime hours and compensation is based on calculation using the above rate.


An employee paid $10.00 an hour works 45 hours in a standard work week

The straight time earnings for the week is $450.00 (45 hours worked x $10.00 = $450.00)

Total hours worked (including overtime)

Hourly Rate

Straight time earnings (including overtime)




The overtime earnings for the week is $25.00 (5 hours x $10.00 x.5= $25.00)

Overtime hours worked

Overtime Rate ($10.00 x .5)

Overtime earnings




Total earnings


Total earnings for the standard week are $475.00. The employee, therefore, receives one and one-half (1 ½) times employee’s regular rate for overtime hours worked.

Straight time earnings ($10.00 x 40) = $400.00

Overtime earnings ($10.00 x 1.5 x 5) = $75.00


Total earnings = $475.00

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Faculty/Staff Additional Pay for Services

The instructions for the Faculty/Staff Additional Pay for Services Form say I MUST use a Labor account code for payments on this form. But I charge these types of payments to a non-labor account (i.e. entertainment, royalties.) What should I do?

The new HR/Payroll System requires that any payment to a Notre Dame employee must use a labor account code in combination with the department’s fund, org and program codes. To assist with this transition, the Controller’s Office created a new set of labor account codes to use for special payments to Notre Dame employees and for graduate stipends.

See Chart of Accounts

If you have questions about the Chart of Accounts, please email the Office of the Controller.

I budgeted my employee additional pay for services payments in the non-labor accounts. Will I be penalized when my expenses don’t match my budget?

Departments will not be penalized for expenditures not matching their budgets when these expenses are charged to the new labor account codes, rather than the non-labor account to which the funds were budgeted. However, the department’s overall (total) budget does need to balance.

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Need More Information?

For additional advance policy inquiries, please email Sue Walczewski, Payroll Services Supervisor, or call 574-631-8283.