Employee Self-Service

InsideND is the University's online community and self-service portal where employees may complete their federal and state withholding information, set-up direct deposit, view pay statements and much more.

Payroll Information that an employee can access via InsideND:

You must first log into InsideND with your NetID and password. Don't know your Notre Dame NetID and/or password? Please contact the OIT Help Desk at (547) 631-8111 or oithelp@nd.edu

Pay Statements

University employees have the ability to view and print their Pay Statements at any time.

Pay Statement Sm

Search for "Pay Statement" and click on the task. For instructions on how to view and print your Pay Statement: Online Pay Statement (PDF)



Personal Info Sm

If you are no longer a University employee and need a copy of your last pay statement, please create a Non-Notre Dame email-Last Pay Statement address via the personal information task in InsideND and your last pay statement will be emailed to you.


Direct Deposit

All faculty, staff, temporary and student employees hired by the University must complete Direct Deposit elections online.

Direct Deposit Sm


Search for "Direct Deposit" and click on the task. For instructions on how to set up your Direct Deposit elections: Direct Deposit Instructions (PDF)

Any new direct deposit entries or direct deposit changes must be entered at least six business days in advance of the actual pay date in order for deposit to that bank account to be guaranteed.

A paper check will be produced for anyone unable to complete this process for the applicable pay period. Upon completion of your online direct deposit set-up, you may pick up your check with a photo ID at Controller's Office Central Reception, 801 Grace Hall. It is the employee's responsibility to update and keep their direct deposit allocation current.

Form W-2

University employees have the ability to view and print their Form W-2 for prior years.

W2 Sm

Search for "W-2 Tax Form" and click on the task. Enter the year for the W-2 you are wanting to locate and the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number.


You then have access to the W-2 in a format that can be used for filing paper versions of federal and state tax returns. For more information on Form W-2, see Form W-2 Distribution and FAQs.

Payroll Calendars

A calendar of faculty and staff payroll dates and deadlines is available to view or print

Payroll Calendar Sm

Search for "Payroll Calendars" and click on the task or click this link to Payroll Calendars.


W-4 Tax Withholding Elections

The tax withholding status for all new employees defaults to Filing Status: Single, Number of Allowances: 0 until the employee updates their online Tax Withholding Elections (Form W-4) on InsideND.

W4 Sm

Search for "W-4" and click on the task. Note: The IRS Form W-4 was updated in 2020, see Form W4 Update from 2020 for more information.


For instructions or changing Tax Withholding Elections:

Note: Tax information online is intended to be a substitute for the paper form, as such, it includes/collects the same data. Please verify all your elections on the online form are correct before submitting.