Payments to Businesses

Vendors can be paid using one of the following three methods:

  1. BuyND Purchase Orders

  2. Procurement Card

  3. Financial Toolkit

The buyND e-procurement system is the preferred method for purchasing goods or services. buyND provides on-line requisitioning, catalogs, and punch-out capabilities to vendor websites. Vendors reference the buyND Purchase Order (PO) number on their invoices which are sent directly to the Accounts Payable Department for processing. Before paying an invoice, the Accounts Payable Department verifies that the quantities and prices on the invoice match the related PO, and that the items have been “Received” by the department in the buyND system. See the Procurement Services Department website for more information regarding the buyND system.

The Procurement Card program provides an efficient way to purchase low-dollar business related goods and services. The Procurement Card is appropriate for items less than $1,500 where there is no buyND catalog to support the purchased item. See the Controllers Group website for more information regarding the Procurement Card program.

The Financial Toolkit should be used to request a payment to a business when neither of the first two methods are appropriate.