The Procard offers a streamlined process for purchasing small goods and services directly from vendors that accept MasterCard. 

Apply for a Procard

To apply for a University Procard, applicants must complete an application, which requires supervisor approval. A valid University budget account, either unrestricted or restricted, must be identified as the default account for transactions.

Complete the Procard Application

Who Should Use A Procard?

Full-time faculty and staff whose specific job responsibilities require them to make direct purchases can apply to receive a Procard. In limited circumstances, Notre Dame students and contract, part-time, or temporary employees may also receive a Procard.

Download the University Purchasing Cards Comparison Chart

Procard Use Guidelines

Please note the following guidelines on the proper use of Procards:

  • Procards should not be used to circumvent the University's strategic vendor relationships. Procards may be used for purchases from non-strategic vendors only if a strategic vendor can not provide the product.
  • Employees enabled to use buyND, the University's eProcurement system, should utilize online catalogs for purchasing needs rather than using Procards on vendor websites.
  • Procards should only be used to purchase services if the services are being performed outside of University property or, if performed on University property, the vendor has a contract and/or current insurance certificate.
  • Procard holders are reminded of the University's exemption from sales tax in most states. Refer to the Tax Department's sales tax exemption schedule for tax exemption information about a specific state.

See the Procard Policies and Procedures

Access and Manage Your Procard Transactions

Each Concur account is associated with the user’s Procard. All Procard transactions will automatically be placed in a monthly Statement Report, separate from travel or other expenses. Any FOAPAL changes will be made in Concur in the monthly Procard Statement.

For the reconciliation process, you'll need to:

  1. Attach scanned receipts. Receipts can be attached for each individual transaction or in a single PDF and attached at the header level, in effect creating a single receipt document for all of the statement’s transactions.
  2. Forward the completed statement to the cardholder’s assigned approver. 

Once approved, the report’s transactions will automatically be entered into Banner.

Login to TravelND/Concur

Download the Procard in Concur Reference Guide

Missing a Receipt?

The Missing Receipt Affidavit for Procard Purchases form is used to provide itemized details of Procard purchases when a receipt is not available. The completed form is for Procard purchases only and should be attached to the Procard Statement Report in lieu of the receipt.

Need More Information?

If you have questions related to the Procard, email the Procard Administrator.