Incoming Check Payments

Domestic Checks

The University accepts US checks as a form of payment, however prefers receiving funds electronically.  This is often more convenient for the payers. If electronic is an option for you and the vendor you are working with please view the ACH or Wire Payment option and we can get started in helping you make that transition.

If you receive US Checks we offer Check Handling Best Practices below:

  1. As soon as you receive a check endorse the back either with a stamp or hand written:
    For Deposit Only
    University of Notre Dame
    Your Office Name
  2. Lock checks up in desk, cabinet or vault until deposit can be completed.
  3. It is University policy to deposit all checks within 24 hours of receipt

For further information on how to make University deposits click this link.

Foreign Checks

It is expensive and takes days/weeks to collect foreign checks – this is why the University prefers receiving payments electronically or with checks payable in US dollars and drawn on US banks. If there is no other option to pay the funds, the University can accept certain foreign checks over the amount of $300.  This amount is established by our partner financial institution and is the lowest amount they will accept.

If you must receive a foreign check and it is over the amount of $300 it should be sent to the Controller’s Office (Sheri Cheek, 800 Grace Hall) for processing. It can take 4-6 weeks before the funds reach your account. Please endorse the back of the check before sending. Include your contact information and FOAPAL.

Example of a loss to the University in accepting foreign checks: $1,075 is owed to the University
$1,075 is sent in check form in Canadian Dollars
$786.11 is the amount the University actually receives at a rate exchange of .731261.

$288.89 is the amount the University received short of what was owed