Endowment Pool Information

A variety of endowment-related information can be obtained from the Endowment Pool collection of reports at DataND.  The collection currently contains five reports:

The links above will take you to the report’s location at DataND, which includes a description of the information within the report, sample questions the report can be used to answer and tips for filtering and downloading information.

Guide to Forecasting Endowment Payout

The document below provides not just tips on how to determine the payout a fund will generate, but also helpful background information on how endowment funds work.

Guide To Forecasting Endowment Payout (PDF)

Endowment Payout Rates

The link below will provide a Google sheet with current and historical per-unit payout rates, year-over-year payout growth targets and estimated erosion percentages.

Payout rates (Google sheet)