Research Participant Payments

Research Payment Cards

The Visa Research Payment Card is available to researchers as the preferred way to pay research participants. This replaces the process of using cash or check payments to research participants. Please use the Research Payment Card Request Form below (electronic or manual version).

We have also begun processing Virtual Card requests, where participants are paid via an email link. To request virtual cards, please indicate on the Electronic Research Payment Card Request Form by checking the box next to Virtual Card Request, or by stating "Virtual Card Request" in the "Name of person picking up cards" section on the manual Research Payment Card Request Form. Please note, the below Excel Form must be filled out with the participant information as well.

For more information about the program, please contact Brett Walter, Program Manager, Research and Sponsored Program Accounting, via email or phone at 574.631.7990.


Electronic Research Payment Card Request Form

Research Payment Card Request Form

Research Payment Card Use and Return Form - For physical cards, this form must be completed and sent to within 7 days after the card pickup date.

Virtual Cards Excel Template - For virtual cards, please complete the virtual card excel template, specifically the required columns highlighted in yellow. Birth date and Phone number are required however a default value of 1/1/1990 and 9999999999 will be used if none is supplied. An example is provided for reference but should be deleted before the file is submitted. Please do not delete the first line which contains field names. Email this form to

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Cardholder Agreement & Fee Schedule - Please note: Cards may begin incurring fees after 90 days of non-use.

Card Insert Information (including Card Usage Tips)

Card Registration

Customer Service: (855) 244-7993 (Establish PIN, Report Lost Card, etc)