Non-Exempt Salaried Staff Transition

The University is responsible for promptly and accurately compensating employees. To better meet regulatory requirements and align the University with its peers, effective September 21, 2019 all non-exempt salaried staff will transition to the hourly biweekly payroll. The current "non-exempt salaried" semimonthly payroll will be eliminated.
For more information see the Communication Brief - April 2019 (pdf)


Advance Election - There will be an email advance election survey sent out around September 9th detailing information and giving employees the opportunity to elect the one-time cash advance. Please keep a look out for this and we are asking that everyone reply, even if you are opting out of the advance option.

UltraTime Training Schedule - There are sixteen group sessions and three general sessions scheduled for UltraTime training through the month of September. Please see either the Employee Information or Supervisor Information pages for details of when and where the training sessions will be offered.

Project Timeline

Milestones Completion Dates % Status
Plan Actual
Campus Announcements April Week of 4/15/2019 100  
Host Campus Informational Sessions May May-June 100  
Early Conversion Options July 7/27/2019 100  
Communications to Supervisors and Employees August   100  
UT Training Classes offered September      
Transition 9/21/2019      


Non-Exempt Salaried Staff Transition Informational Sessions 

Informational Session Slide Presentation  (pdf)

Pay Date Calendar

Transition Pay Date Calendar (pdf) of pay date details during this transition.

Nes Payroll Calendar Website



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