Payment Requests


A new, online tool for check requisition forms and non employee payment for services (NEPS) forms will be available within the existing financial toolkit to all faculty, staff, and students this fall.

Following is a rough timeline for rolling out the new online tool:

  • Beginning in September, a pilot group comprised of Human Resources, Office of University Architect, Law School, and School of Architecture will begin to use the online tool for check requisitions.
  • In October, a pilot group comprised of Alliance for Catholic Education, Academic Conferences, and Athletics will begin to use the online tool for NEPS forms.
  • Later in the fall, the entire campus community will be able to use the new, online tool in place of the current paper forms for both processes.

Any ND faculty, staff, student or affiliate with an active, valid netID will be able to use the toolkit. Check requisitions and NEPS forms will require approval by a faculty or staff member of the University.  At least one of the approvers must be an authorized approver – the employee’s supervisor, a budget unit administrator with authorization over the chosen FOAPAL(s), or an appropriate business manager, department chair, Dean, VP, etc.

We are very excited to offer this new tool. By answering a few questions within the toolkit, you’ll be directed to the correct payment request method. It will also offer full workflow visibility to know where the request resides in the process. And it provides an electronic history of past requests which can be copied and cloned for similar future payment requests.

Each form will require an attachment adequately supporting the payment request to the payee along with a business purpose, an appropriate approver, and a valid FOAPAL for the system to allow movement to the next process step. Further, it will have the capability to notifying others and to provide visibility of supporting documents in GLEZ.

For more information on payment requests, see