Accounts Payable year end cutoff

Author: Carol Grontkowski

Due to the high volume of payment requests typically received by Account Payable near fiscal year end, please allow for the time needed to process such requests. In keeping with the fiscal year-end closing schedule available here, please plan to have all payment requests submitted to Accounts Payable by Tuesday, July 6th at 5 PM in order to be processed in June business, if they relate to fiscal year 20/21 activity. Payments to international payees may involve additional tax consideration, and could required long processing times. Please contact us if you have concerns regarding an international payment.

For payment requests submitted via the Financial Toolkit, or Expense Reports submitted via TravelND, they must be approved by your department and received in the Accounts Payable queue by Tuesday, July 6th at 5 PM.

For vendor invoice related to buyND Purchase Orders, the invoice must be received by Accounts Payable with the related Receipt entered in the buyND system by Tuesday, July 6th at 5 PM.

As always, use of the Procard for smaller dollar purchases is much appreciated!

If you have any questions or concerns about year end processing of your payment requests, please contact Ed Verhamme.


Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

Ed Verhamme

Accounts Payable Manager