Upload Posting Information

                                                                            Schedule and Description of Posting Information

 Doc ID  Doc ID Description  Source  Type  Upload Frequency
 CC  Credit Card Load  Bank One  JV  Daily
 CD  Financial Toolkit  Cash Deposits  JV  Daily
 DB  Development Benefactor Event Activity  BEAT  JV  Special Request
 DP  Office Depot  Office Depot  INV  Multiple
 DV  Development Gifts  Advance System  JV  Daily
 F  Feeds from other modules  Payroll, Student Accounts, Touchnet   JV  Daily
 FC  Facilities Operations  AIM System  JV  Weekly
 FE  Facilities Operations  AIM System  Enc  Weekly
 FI  Facilities Operations  AIM System  INV  Weekly
 FK  Fed Ex Office  Lafortune and South Bend Ave. Locations  INV  Monthly/EOM
 FS  ND Food Services  Catering Events, Domer Dollars, Daily Deposits   JV  Multiple
 GR  Transportation Services  Fuel Master  JV  Weekly
 HS  Health Services    JV  Monthly/EOM
 JV  Financial Toolkit  Journal Vouchers  JV  Daily
 LD  St. Michael's Laundry - Linen  ABS Laundry Business Systems  JV  Monthly/EOM
 LD  St. Michael's Laundry - POS  SPOT Business Systems  JV  Weekly
 PC  Procard - JP Morgan  Concur  JV  Daily
 PS  Payment Services

 Anthony Travel Adjustments

 Bradley Properties


 Jimmy Johns


 Schlinder Elevator

 Misc- Accounts Payable

 JV  Monthly/EOM
 RC  Cores System  RSPA  JV  Monthly/EOM
 SH  Shipping  FedEx and UPS  JV  Weekly
 TC  Telecommunications  Toll and Cell Phone Charges  JV  Monthly/EOM
 TE  Travel and Expense Reimbursements  Concur  INV  Daily
 TV  Anthony Travel  Accounts Payable  JV  Monthly/EOM