GLez Project

Go Live - July 15

Website Glez Notebook Update As you may have heard, GLez is going through a transformation this year. GLez is a Notre Dame, homegrown financial tool that campus has relied on to meet a variety of financial reporting needs. While it has served campus well over the years, we now have the opportunity to improve it.

Goals for this project include:

  • Deliver a modern and improved user interface
  • Add highly requested product enhancements, such as the ability to project multiple years at one time (trending data)
  • Connect financial data to dataND

GLez REQUIRES connecting to the VPN client if you are off-campusYou can download the VPN client here.

New GLez Training Opportunities

Pre-Recorded Demo Session (53 minutes)


Virtual Hands-On Training  - Register in Endeavor

GLez Monthly Newsletters

New Look

New GLez (click to enlarge the image)  Current GLez (click to enlarge the image)

Glez New

Glez Old

New Features

  1. My Favorites - save frequently viewed funds
  2. My Views - combine Funds/Orgs/Programs/Activities in one view
  3. Robust Search Capability - quickly find transactions by advanced search options
  4. My Recent Transactions - quick view of transactions across all funds during a specific period
  5. Key Performance Indicators - summary of budget to actual expenses and resources
  6. Available Balance - How is this Calculated?- easy to follow summary of remaining balance
  7. Dynamic Fund Listing - to easily retrieve a specific fund or group of funds
  8. Configurable Reporting Capabilities - including page filtering, sorting, grouping, and creating custom report views

New Reports

  • Trending Report - Actuals-Comparative Over Time
  • Restricted Funds Summary 
  • Payroll Report by Individual across All Funds


Contact for more information - GLez Help - 631-8000 or email