GLez Project

Get Ready for the New GLez Coming Summer 2020

Website Glez Notebook Update As you may have heard, GLez is going through a transformation this year. GLez is a Notre Dame, homegrown financial tool that campus has relied on to meet a variety of financial reporting needs. While it has served campus well over the years, we now have the opportunity to improve it.

Goals for this project include:

  • Deliver a modern and improved user interface
  • Add highly requested product enhancements, such as the ability to project multiple years at one time (trending data)
  • Connect financial data to dataND

New Look

New GLez (click to enlarge the image)  Current GLez (click to enlarge the image)

Glez New

Glez Old

New Features

  1. My Favorites - save frequently viewed funds
  2. My Views - combine Funds/Orgs/Programs/Activities in one view
  3. Robust Search Capability - quickly find transactions by advanced search options
  4. My Recent Transactions - quick view of transactions across all funds during a specific period
  5. Key Performance Indicators - summary of budget to actual expenses and resources
  6. Available Balance - How is this Calculated?- easy to follow summary of remaining balance
  7. Dynamic Fund Listing - to easily retrieve a specific fund or group of funds
  8. Configurable Reporting Capabilities - including page filtering, sorting, grouping, and creating custom report views

New Reports

  • Trending Report - Actuals-Comparative Over Time
  • Summary of Activity for all Restricted Funds
  • Summary of Departments Budget Performance
  • Payroll Report by Individual across All Funds

Project Timeline

(click to enlarge)
GLEZ 2.0 Project Timeline

Glez Demonstration/Q&A Sessions - coming this Summer

GLez Training 

  • Intro to Finance Training - includes On-demand Training Videos (Banner Overview, What is a FOAPAL, Financial Tools Overview) and  Quick Reference Guides (Financial Toolkit, Financial Tools Product Matrix)
  • GLez 2.0 -  (in development) which will include On-demand Training Videos, Quick Reference Guides and FAQs


Contact for more information - GLez Help - 631-8000 or email