Payment Requests FAQs

Check Requisitions and NEPS forms available on financial toolkit

The Controller’s Office has made the current paper Check Req and NEPS forms available on the financial toolkit, joining cash deposits, LDC, JVs, etc.

What is the Financial Toolkit?

The Financial Toolkit, which can be accessed directly or through insideND utilizing the icon represented below.






The Financial Toolkit was created as an easy to reach location for many financial form needs – JVs, LDCs, cash deposits, etc. – replacing the former paper forms associated with each transaction. Check Reqs and NEPS forms are the latest forms to be added to the existing Financial Toolkit.

How will this technology be implemented?

In Oct 2017, the toolkit will be available for check requisitions. In later fall 2017, it’s planned for the toolkit to be available for NEPS forms.

Looking Ahead – Enhancements will continue to be made facilitating upload capabilities for multiple payees.

What are the advantages of using the toolkit?

1)  Payment Form Decision Assistance – ever confused as to what form to submit? By answering a few questions within the toolkit, you’ll be directed to the correct form.

2)  Workflow visibility - the current process of completing a paper form, sending it to an approver, and losing knowledge of its whereabouts until the request is processed, is tedious and inefficient. And it creates many follow up requests. The toolkit will give status availability to the payment request submitter and approver(s)

3) Record Retention - the toolkit provides an electronic history of past requests for the submitter and approver which can be copied and cloned for similar future payments

Who can use the toolkit?

Any ND faculty, staff, student or affiliate with an active, valid netID will be able to use the toolkit. Check requisitions and NEPS forms will require approval by a faculty or staff member of the University.

Can I still submit the old paper forms?

For a while, but why would you want to?

Can I set up a delegate to prepare these forms for my submission?

Yes! See Quick reference guide for details

Who can approve payments requests in the toolkit?

You will choose your own approver(s). At least one of the approvers must be an active faculty or staff member for the system to allow submission to A/P. At least one of the approvers must be an authorized approver – your supervisor, a budget unit administrator with authorization over the chosen FOAPAL(s), or an appropriate business manager, department chair, Dean, VP, etc.

What is required with a check req or NEPS form submission?

Almost all check req forms will require an attachment (e.g., invoice) adequately supporting the payment request to the payee along with a business purpose, an appropriate approver, and a valid FOAPAL for the system to allow movement to the next process step.

What other advantages are there to using the forms in the toolkit?

Ability to search existing vendor data base (individuals only)

Capability of notifying non approvers

Visibility of attachments in GLEZ

Can I use these forms for wires or electronic payments or foreign currency?

Yes, just like the current paper version of the form, it functions as a payment request form serving all payment types. It has more commonly been called a “check req” form.

Some requests will require additional information, such as wire transfer instructions, which the user will be prompted to include when appropriate.